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Under Dr. Clayton Barbour’s direction, the Borrego Health Specialty Care Center was established in 2013, aiming to provide excellence in healthcare to hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS patients.

In 2015, the clinic expanded its services to transgender health. Our providers now also offer appointments at our Riverside facilities and San Bernardino facility, in addition to existing services in Desert Hot Springs and Cathedral City.

In 2017, Borrego Health opened the Stonewall Medical Center in Cathedral City, aiming to provide the same excellence in services to our constant-growing patient population. 


The clinics have continued to acquire providers and to increase specialized staff and services. In this way, Borrego Health Specialty Clinic has quickly become a regional leader in caring for the LGBT community and the general patient population seeking comprehensive, quality treatment.

Due to COVID-19, the following services have been temporarily placed on hold at our clinic sites: cardiology, dermatology, podiatry & optometry.

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