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Have you been impacted by COVID-19? Borrego Health is here to help!

Physical health of family, access to food and health services, personal finances and employment, are some of the biggest concerns people are dealing with during these critical times. Borrego Health will help you navigate through the resources available in your community.

Through our care coordinator specialists (CCS), you will be able to access a variety of services that are important to you and your family. You don't need to be an existing Borrego Health patient to benefit from what we have to offer.


We help everyone! We understand that these are sensitive times for you and your loved ones. Our CCS will go above and beyond to ensure that we can provide you with the best assistance.

Note: Due to California stay-at-home and social-distancing orders, as of March 23, 2020, all of Borrego Health CCS are working remotely. All contact and enrollment is done over the phone. If you wish to speak with a CCS, please contact a clinic near you

How can Borrego Health help you?

Health Insurance


Food Resources



  • If you have an immediate food need please contact a CCS today.

This program, called P-EBT, is for students who are normally able to get free or reduced price school meals. Apply and get up to $365 per child to spend on groceries.

* Families with children who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals and who do not get their P-EBT card in the mail by about May 22, 2020 must apply online before June 30, 2020. The online application will be available beginning May 22, 2020 at

Employment and Financial Assistance

  • EDD California

  • We can provide guidance and resources to simplify the process
  • CalWORKs

  • Enrollment is available all year

Additional resources available

In addition, Borrego Health can provide assistance with:

  • Application for housing, utilities, free government cellphone, ID, and birth certificate

  • Provide information about Medicare, legal aid, domestic violence and homeless shelters

Ready for assistance? Have Questions?


Call 760-457-3775 to schedule a call with one of our Care Coordinator Specialists (CCS) for free and confidential help today! Find a Borrego Health clinic near you.

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