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BORREGO HEALTH is committed to making its desktop site and mobile website accessible to all visitors. We are in the process of ensuring that all of our images have image descriptions, so information is easier to understand throughout our pages. While we continue to develop and enhance our accessibility features, we encourage you to explore the accessibility options installed on your device. Below is an overview for enabling some of the accessibility options on your desktop device. 

Information About Enabling Accessibility Features in Microsoft Windows 10



  • Distinguish colors easily 

  • Type what you want to do 


  • Features coming soon 



  • Improve reading comprehension 



  • Click with your eyes 


Mental Health 

  • Minimize visual distractions 

  • Focus assist blocks alerts and notifications 


Enabling Accessibility Features (OS X El Capitan, version 10.11) 


Screen Reader Support 

  • Feature: Voice-over reads text to you and can be used to control the computer using only the keyboard 


Zoom Support 

  • Feature: Zoom allows the user to zoom in and navigate a page with higher visibility. 

  • Steps: Click System Preferences on the dock, Accessibility, Zoom, then choose either of the following options: 

1) To zoom with keyboard shortcuts, select "Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom." 

2) To zoom with your mouse or track-pad, select "Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom." 


Visual Support 

  • Feature: Under the Display options, you can alter the coloration and/or enlarge cursor size to improve visibility. 

  • Steps: Click System Preferences on the dock, Accessibility, Display, then check "Invert Colors" for a black background with white font, "Use Grey-scale" for a grey display, and/or "Enhance Cursor Size" to enlarge the cursor 

  • Feature: Dictation and Speech reads text on the computer screen aloud. 

  • Steps: Click System Preferences on the dock, Accessibility, Dictation and Speech, Text to Speech, select checkbox for “Speak selected text when the key is pressed,” choose the key/key combination you prefer (when text is highlighted and these keys are pressed the text will be read aloud) 

Contact Us 

With questions or feedback on accessibility features on our mobile applications, please call 951.758.7850 or email us at

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