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Borrego Health is passionate about education and being part of the solution to overcoming the physician and healthcare provider shortage in Southern California. 


We are an active partner in the training of medical residents, medical students, nurse practitioner students, physician assistant students, nursing students and other healthcare professionals.


Borrego Health has developed our own residency programs, as well as partnerships with established training programs with our hospital and university partners to train residents in Medicine, Family Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Transitional Medicine. We additionally partnered with programs for specialty rotations in Psychiatry, and Obstetrics & Gynecology.


Medical, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nursing and other healthcare professional students are educated and rotate within the Borrego Health network, which includes 24 community clinics that span from San Diego through Riverside to San Bernardino counties, from the Coachella Valley to the Salton Sea.


Our clinical affiliates are:


Eisenhower Medical Center 

Riverside Community Hospital 

University of California Riverside SOM 

Western University College of Osteopathy

St. George’s University SOM

Azusa Pacific University

California Baptist University

Loma Linda University

US University

Western University of the Health Sciences

College of the Desert

San Diego City College.​​

Academic Medicine

Your provider is proud to be a member of the growing academic program within Borrego Health and is committed to the teaching mission of our organization. Your provider leads your health care team serving as a mentor, role model, and instructor to a variety of students and residents in an effort to better educate the physicians of tomorrow and bring you the best healthcare possible. 


What is the difference between a medical student, resident, fellow, and attending?


Medical Students have completed a college degree and are now enrolled in medical school, learning about all aspects of the medical profession. When they complete their four years in medical school, they will receive their medical degree and will go on to specialize in specific areas of medicine.


Residents have completed medical school and have their medical degree, and are now licensed to practice medicine under supervision. Residency programs exist so that residents can receive further training prior to practicing independently.


Fellows have already completed their residency training and are pursuing further expertise within a sub-specialty.


Attendings have completed residency training and practices medicine in a clinic or hospital setting. 

What is the role of residents and fellows?


The residents and/or fellow are doctors who are a part of your physician team. They are active in your medical care including inquiring about your medical history, performing your physical exam, and making recommendations about your treatment plan along with the attending physician. 


What is the medical student role?


Medical Students may observe as you talk with your provider, may discuss your medical history, perform a physical exam, and/or be a part of your care. The students and your provider will always review your concerns together, and work as a team. 


How does having medical students, residents, and fellows involved in my care benefit me?


1. You will have multiple professionals looking after you throughout your experience at Borrego Health, making sure you receive the best care.

2. Many studies have shown that quality of care is better at teaching institutions compared to non-teaching.

3. While your provider may be the “medical expert” you are the “patient-expert” – and your input counts!


Have questions? Please ask!


Regardless of the involvement of other members of your provider’s health care team, your provider will be responsible for your medical care. Your privacy and confidentially will be held in the utmost importance at all times. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding our education programs. 

Research Department

The Research Department oversees research-related efforts and serves as both a gatekeeper and a facilitator for research opportunities. Learn more about the Research Department and current research projects at Borrego Health by exploring the Research Department and Research Process and Infrastructure website pages.

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