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Patric Schine, DNP, FNP

Director of Transgender Medicine


Patric Schine, DNP, FNP is the Medical Director of the Department of Transgender Medicine. Dr. Schine has been working with the LGBTQ+ community for more than 20 years, with a focus on transgender medicine for the last 14 years. While in private practice in Phoenix, he served the largest transgender patient population in the state, with services including a free, monthly clinic for those patients who couldn’t afford office visits.


Among his many scholarly activities, Dr. Schine developed “Trans 101 for Providers: A Lecture on Medical Transgender Care” as an introduction to medical care for those who identify as transgender. He has lectured around the country, providing trans-competent recommendations to staff at major organizations that include VIIV Healthcare.


Patric earned his Masters of Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner degree from the University of Phoenix in 2002 and completed his Doctor of Nursing Practice at Arizona State University in 2010, focusing on education about, and treatment of, sexually transmitted infections.


He has been faculty with Brandman University in Irvine for 6 years, most recently serving as Director of the Family Nurse Practitioner Program in the Marybelle and S. Paul Musco School of Nursing and Health Professions.


When not providing medical care or teaching, Patric enjoys spending time with his husband and young twin daughters, as they help their children develop into a new generation of people who will love and live without the need to label others.


Bruce Hinton, PA-C

Trans Medicine Provider


Bruce Hinton is a PA-C with a passion to and for the trans community. Coming to Borrego Health from New Orleans, Louisiana, Bruce has spent the last five years providing comprehensive and compassionate care to the transgender community of southern Louisiana and surrounding areas such as Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. Bruce will be one of the main providers at our Triumph center and will work closely with Dr. Patric Schine, our Director of Trans Medicine, on holistic healthcare for the trans community.


“I love watching journeys unfold, and to be a part of that process is such a beautiful thing,” says Bruce. “I am so excited to be a part of this team! I am truly experiencing a pinch-me moment that I get to continue to do this work with this amazing community as part of this truly phenomenal team.”



Toni D'orsay, PhD, MS, MA

Director of Transgender Services


Antonia E. “Toni” D’orsay, PhD, MS, MA is the Director of Transgender Services, focusing on developing the strategic programs within specialty services, beginning with services to and for the transgender community.


She is a recognized expert on the Trans Lives, is of mixed race, a veteran of the US Army, a sociologist, and psychologist, and has worked at local, state, regional, national, and international levels in human rights, infrastructure development, predictive modeling systems, and Transgender Rights and Latinx rights in particular.


She holds a doctorate in Sociology, and master’s degrees in Religion and Psychology (clinical and research). Toni is also the creator and founder of The Trans 100, the former Executive Director of This Is HOW, which she grew from a small housing and substance abuse charity into the largest trans organization in Arizona; was the principal organizer for the State and National fight against several anti-trans bills in Arizona, and has worked with both the Obama administration White House and the World Health Organization.

Mita Beach.jpg

Mita Beach

Transgender Navigator Specialist

Southern California


Mita Beach (they/them/he)  is a  Transgender Navigator Specialist based in Coachella Valley but serving Southern California. They are a multi-ethnic, genderqueer person in long time recovery. They are on a mission to make a difference by supporting people in taking ownership of their healthcare. Mita believes walking side by side with their clients will yield better outcomes. Mita works with their clients using a person-centered based orientation to help them grow, learn, and develop into the best and most authentic version of themselves.

One of Mita's core values is building community; during their spare time, they volunteer at various events around the country to create safe educational and recreational spaces geared towards the queer, sober, and ritual body modification subsets of the community.

Before starting their second career in health and wellness, Mita was heavily involved in micro and macro scale event production and logistics, including TED Talks, expos, conferences, and transformative spiritual body rituals.


Nohemi Lopez

Transgender Navigator Specialist,

Riverside & San Diego Counties

(They/Them or She)

Nohemi Lopez (they/them or she) is the Transgender Navigator Specialist for Riverside and San Diego Counties. A native of San Bernardino, Nohemi is dedicated to the social and economic well-being of her community and is regularly involved in grassroots movements surrounding its progress, and also volunteers as a facilitator for Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance’s Caregiver support groups.


Nohemi has two BA degrees in Psychology and Human Development and is working towards an MSW. Their passion lies in social justice, and inclusive sexual health education for the youth of all identities. Nohemi is also fluent in Spanish. (Habla español)


Mateo W

Transgender Navigator Specialist,

Desert Region


Mateo Williamson (he/him) is the Transgender Navigator Specialist for the desert region in the Department of Transgender Medicine. He works primarily at the Stonewall, DHS Specialty, and Centro Medico clinics. Mateo studied Microbiology and Spanish in Tucson, where began his gender transition eight years ago. He found support in Arizona’s trans community and wants to share that sense of belonging with others.


He is passionate about youth advocacy, mental health, and interfaith work. Mateo worked with migrants for four years across the Nogales, Sonora border and with homeless youth in Newark as a Global Health Fellow.


He enjoyed his time as a scorpion sting specialist with Poison Control. He has been stung 3 times, which made him highly qualified for the job. He is also fluent in Spanish. (Habla español)


Clinic Staff

Diana Borunda

Clinic Manager,

Triumph Trans Service Center


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Diana was a medical assistant for eight years before returning to school in 2006, in order to study vocational nursing. In 2008, she became a licensed vocational nurse and moved to Cathedral City with her husband.


Diana began her nursing career at Angel View, an intermediate care facility for developmentally delayed children, where she worked for almost two years before starting at Borrego Health. Here, she worked for three years at Centro Medico Coachella, then Desert Hot Springs Main Campus before moving to the Stonewall Medical Center in 2017.


Her roles include administering medications, vaccines, triaging patients and patient education.

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