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National suicide prevention hotline US: (877) 565-8860 Canada: (877) 330-6366

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Borrego Health Publications

Department of Trans Medicine New Patient Guide


If you are new to the Borrego Health Department of Trans Medicine, this guide will give you an overview of our services and how to establish care as a transgender patient.

Trans Community Resource Guide for San Bernardino and Riverside Counties

In this PDF, you will find a list of community resources that are believed to be trans-friendly or trans-affirming, but individual experiences may vary.

This list is for informational purposes only. Click the icon to download or view the PDF.

Trans-affirming Books & Media

In this PDF you will find books, movies, videos, and TV shows that are generally considered to be trans-affirming and/or provide more education about gender identity and transgender people.

Additional Resources

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Spanish (Zip)

California Superior Court - Name & Gender Change Forms

(English & Spanish)

Download the forms needed to generate a petition to change your name and/or gender marker for the California Supreme Court. These forms will work for most counties in California. San Bernardino requires an extra form, which is also included in the packet. (All forms are available only in English.)

You may also take advantage of California Superior Court's self-help system by clicking here. (Name changes only, not gender marker.)

Find a Gender Surgeon

Trans and nonbinary patients may turn to us for advice when seeking a surgeon to perform their gender-affirming procedures. We are not able to recommend specific surgeons, only to provide options depending on their insurance and the procedures they are seeking. We cannot state preferences or share opinions about a particular provider, whether good or bad. However, there are a number of websites that have collected the data so that patients can do their own research. On this page, you'll find some of the best-known resources for finding a gender surgeon in the United States.

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Find Gender Surgeons



Contracted Providers



Provider Directory



Provider Directory Search


Connect trans+ to accurate, safe, respectful, and comprehensive care.

Educational Videos

These educational videos were not produced by Borrego Health. While we generally recommend the materials, we do not claim any responsibility for the content therein. Some content may not be fully in line with Borrego Health's opinions, policies, or practices.

Click to view the video directly on YouTube. Note: You must be logged in as the video is age restricted.

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