Mission Statement


Our mission at Borrego Health Department of Residency and Medical Education is to train competent, compassionate physicians who are well versed in the care of underserved communities while also striving to focus on Family Medicine-centered education.




Our goal is to train the next generation of the culturally competent physician’s in a diverse setting. 






Borrego health signed an agreement letter with Family Medicine residency program at Eisenhower Medical Center to have residents rotate at Borrego Health clinics during their outpatient pediatric and Gynecology outpatient rotations.



First-year Family Medicine residents start their outpatient rotations at Centro Medico Cathedral City Clinic and DHS Main Campus Clinic. During this time residents became more interested to spend more time at Cathedral City for their rotations and they desired to do their elective months at Cathedral City Clinic as well. 


Dr. Zadshir develops elective rotations that would meet the needs of residents for their training.  First two residents successfully complete their electives in Preventive Medicine, Obesity and Family Medicine.



Eisenhower Medical Center (EMC) desired to have broader collaboration with Borrego Health in the training of their Family Medicine residents.  Borrego Health changed the agreement to an affiliation contract with EMC.

Cathedral City becomes accredited by ACGME as a second outpatient clinic for EMC.

Second and third-year residents use Cathedral City Clinic for their outpatient continuity clinic.


Desert Regional Medical Center starts their Family Medicine Residency Program and they desire to send their residents to Borrego Health Clinics for their rotations. 

Borrego Health signs an affiliation contract with University of California Riverside Residency Program.

They would send their residents for OB/GYN continuity rotation, Behavioral Health outpatient rotations, electives and other rotations upon requests.


Borrego Health faculty development: Dr. Zadshir developed a competent and knowledgeable faculty who desired to teach and train residents in multiple medical fields.  First faculty meeting occurs on June 4th at the residence of Dr. Zadshir.



Affiliation agreement with HCA/RCH (the affiliated university is UCR)



Residency Program


At Borrego Health we offer outpatient rotations and electives in a variety of medical fields such as:




Family Medicine


Behavioral Health




Borrego Health Clinics can be used for Family Medicine continuity rotation, research, case report, and case presentations. Borrego Health provides opportunities for residents to develop and implement their own projects.


Under the supervision of Dr. Ashraf Zadshir, residents have the opportunity to create medical case reports and presentations, as well as various health-related projects. 



Residency Projects


Health Education Group Medical Visit


While at Borrego Health clinics, residents are able to develop and implement their own projects. One such project is the "Healthy Heart" project given by Senior Residents, Dr. Damoun Rezai and Dr. Carment Morales. This Presentation is a combination of health education and group medical visits.



Lactation Clinic 


With implementation slated for September 2016, the goal of this resident project is to promote lactation education among new mothers. 

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